Film Series: The Future of Energy - Friday, Jan 30
When:†Friday, January 30, 2015
Doors Open:†7:00pm†Film:†7:30 pm
Where:†Fairfax Women's Club, 46 Park Rd, Fairfax†
Cost:†$5-10 Suggested Donation - no one turned away
Speakers: Marin Clean Energy, 350 Marin and Fairfax Climate Action Committee

The Future of Energy: Lateral Power to the People is a powerful documentary that captures the movement across the United States to transition to renewable energy and what everyday people can do to help foster the shift.

All around the world a powerful transition is taking place. Communities are building local movements to address economic instability and the worst effects of climate change. Energy lies at the heart of our global society, and how we consume it impacts everything from the air we breathe and the food we eat, to our jobs and the health of our families.

The Future of Energy is a positive, fun film that focuses on energy solutions and the people behind the renewable energy revolution. It's a love story about people re-imagining their relationship to the planet, and falling back in love with the Earth and each other.†

Featuring:†Jeremy Rifkin, Bill McKibben, Joanna Macy, Danny Kennedy, Pandora Thomas, Diane Moss and Theo Badashi.

SPONSORED BY Sustainable Fairfax, 350 Marin, Fairfax Volunteers and Fairfax Parks and Recreation Commission

Reflections on GMOs 2.0, a Synthetic Biology Symposium


By Ruby Derovan, Sustainable Fairfax Communications Intern†

My first assignment as a communications intern for Sustainable Fairfax was to attend and write about the synthetic biology symposium that took place on Thursday, October 9 at the Mill Valley Community Center. Community members and expert panelists gathered for a discussion about synthetic biology and its impacts on our food, farmers, community and health. †[PLEASE CLICK ON READ MORE BELOW]

Sustainable Fairfax Welcomes New Executive Director and Board Members

Over the years, Sustainable Fairfax has made†many important contributions†to the community, inspiring residents and policymakers to deepen their commitment to sustainability principles. Now, the Board of Directors is thrilled to announce new leadership as it moves forward with exciting new and continuing initiatives.†

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Just Say No to Paper and Plastic

San Anselmo-Fairfax PATCH, January 27, 2012

By Jennifer Hammond, Communications Chair, Sustainable Fairfax

Itís time to stock up on reusable bags for your backpacks, purses and car trunks.† The movement to eliminate single-use bags from stores is gaining momentum.


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Iron Springs Pub and Brewery
iron_springs.gif After much hard work Iron Springs has now become a Green Certified Business by the Marin County Community Development Agency. We now will continue to strive to operate the most Green friendly Brewpub that we possibly can. Next step-Sustainable Business Certification.

Iron Springs just completed another phase of our goal of reducing our footprint on the world by completing our new lighting retrofit. This energy conservation measure will save 13,345 kwh/yr, 3.210 kw, and reduce the emission of carbon dioxide {co2} into the atmosphere by 6,939 lbs/yr. We continue to seek out and explore new ways of running the most energy efficient, low impact business, that we possibly can.