Not Common Sense at ALL!!
If you're in Marin or San Francisco, you've got a wall of junkmail coming at you from PG&E. Oh, beg pardon. You have a wall of junk coming at you from "The Commonsense Coalition." This is a coalition of one, and that one is PG&E.†

In teeny tiny letters, in ever more pale ink, you may†be able to find the line on those mailers that says something about PacificGas&Electric. Or maybe you left your magnifying glass at home and you can't†find PG&E on there.

Regardless, these 100% PG&E mailers are everywhere, they're expensive as heck, and they're clearly meant to scare the pants off us. If we didn't have brains†in our heads, it might be hard to know what to do about it.

First, know that this is a straight out disinformation campaign. These mailers are packed with the same tired ol' threats PG&E's Joe Nation has been trotting out in council meetings (rebutted, again and again) since 2008. Some of them are the same threats (again, examined and rejected) used by PG&E to generate fear and confusion around San Joaquin's CCA in a devastating disinformation campaign down there. As they've made clear to their shareholders, PG&E has one motive behind everything they throw at this: STOP the CCAs. Halt the threat to earnings.

It's faux grassroots on a boardroom budget,†with just that one simple goal: shut the competition down. PG&E knows Marin Clean Energy -- if it can just survive PG&E's onslaught -- will succeed, and compete. And then replicate.†Why else†would they go to these extraordinary measures and $35 million dollar budgets to stop it?
So, back to that trashmail.†Maybe you're more sane, but I am officially UP TO HERE with this torrent of costly PG&E mailers flooding the homes and businesses of my community, telling us how scared to be and what to think.†

Here is one†Do Something†I'm using to offset infuriation:

1. Pull your PG&E/Commonsense mailers out of the recycling (or out of the bin at the post office--ours was clean & dry!)
2. Stick the mailers in a manila envelope or one of those priority packets at the post office, and address it (below)
3. Jot the short STICKY NOTE VERSION below†on yes, a sticky note or notecard to enclose with your mailers††
...Or copy & paste the longer LETTER VERSION below and print it as a cover letter to your PG&E mailers packet.

(Are you an email-only type? Try filing another complaint at citing the PG&E's barrage of interference with the CCA in Marin in violation of AB 117. You can paste copy from the letter below, and you don't need an account number. But mailing a packet would be more grand.)

4. If by post, mail to--

Commissioner Nancy Evans
CA Public Utilities Commission
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102


Dear Commissioner Evans,†
Congratulations and welcome to the CPUC! Please take the right first steps toward an honorable legacy. We urgently need expedited action on the CCSF "Petition to Modify" Rulemaking 03-10-003. PG&E's saturation attacks (see enclosed) on Marin County's CCA are in blatant violation of state law AB 117. Isn't this the job of the CPUC? Thank you,†


Commissioner Nancy Ryan
CA Public Utilities Commission
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102

RE: †City & County Attorneys of San Francisco "Petition to Modify"†Rulemaking 03-10-003 (Filed October 2, 2003)
Urging expedited action in consideration of heavy consumer confusion and the escalation of opt out interference by PG&E in Marin County

Dear Commissioner Evans,

Congratulations on your successful appointment to the California Public Utilities Commission. You heard about the troubles in Marin in your first minutes "on the bench." The citizens and ratepayers who have worked years to see the Marin Clean Energy CCA bring choice to our County through a diligent and exhaustive participatory process are appalled, now, at the level of aggressive interference by the incumbent utility against the CCA. This interference, similar to the interference noted in the CCSF Petition to Modify, is in clear violation of the intent of state law AB 117. AB 117 requires the utility to "cooperate fully" with the CCA, and nothing about what we're experiencing daily in Marin looks like "cooperation."

The enclosed mailers from PG&E's deceptively presented front group, Commonsense Marin, are just a sample of what PG&E has been mailing to the households and businesses of Marin County. This level of marketing interference is impossible for any public agency to answer, due to both financial and legal constraints. To any eye, the intent of PG&E's unconstrained materials is clear. It is to confuse and alarm consumers about Marin Clean Energy.††

Please note in particular the cynical use of minute type and singularly pale ink to obscure the fact that Pacific Gas & Electric is underwriting these communications.

Please note as well the misleading blanket invitation to all customers to "opt out," when only Phase 1 customers are in their opt out period and may do so. The other remaining approximately 80% of users will have to opt out again when the Phase II opt out period begins 13-16 months from now. This unnecessary confusion hurts all parties, and should be stopped.
Finally, with PG&E's Prop 16 ballot initiative pending June 8, 2010, any delay establishing an expedited temporary injunctive relief process for CCAs†is,†in effect,a decision. As stated in the CCSF Petition to Modify (pg27), "Irreparable harm could result." Please act swiftly to protect and enforce the intent of AB 117.

Thank you,

So that's all for this email, big update on PG&E's $35M Prop 16 to follow.†
Warmly, Megan & the MMOB

P.S. PROP 16--If you want some immediate and gratifying elucidation, here's a 30-min excerpt from the Prop 16 hearing in Sacramento:†

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